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Happy New Year, everyone!

Gods, it's been awhile since I've been here. Yeah, I'm ashamed that I've neglected my blog last year. I hope to remedy that this 2015. That's my new year resolution - to blog more.

So to start with, I'd like to write about what I have been doing this holiday season. It's been two weeks of no work, so you'd think I should have been productive, right? Well, that's partially true. The first week and a half had been hectic on the home front. I've been cleaning the house, cooking for my contribution for Noche Buena, and cleaning a bit more (with a bit of TV watching on the side). It's just this past few days that I've have allowed myself some crafting and reading.

So anyway, here are the stuff I've found myself doing this past two weeks:

Watched some old TV series. This included CSI season 6 (2005-2006) & some of season 9 (2008), Criminal Minds seasons 1 & 2 (2005-2007), and part of Fringe season 2 (2010). Yeah, I don't really mind not watching in order. :-)

Fringe is the best out of the three (not surprising, as it's a JJ Abrams show) and I'd like to get a hold of the entire series (which is doable since it has only have five seasons). CSI is a favorite of mine so I don't really mind the plot holes, wonky technology (the things they do with images and video are crazy!), and outdated themes. Criminal Minds is okay but their tech girl is terrible.I don't mind the tech girls-as-weirdos stereotype but for goodness' sake, practice good internet security! Any novice techie knows you don't use computers with weak security and plug it into a high-risk network to play mmorpg. And for goodness' sake, she got to keep her job in the end?! Sheesh. :-P

Caught up on some Pinoy movies. Well, just two. The first one is Shake, Rattle & Roll 15. A decent compromise, considering my nephews watched to watch either Praybeyt Benjamin or Feng Shui (*shudder*). MMFF is the Pinoys' annual Christmas perya and SRR is its regular haunted house booth. This year's SRR is okay. Of the three, I like the middle one because of the ambiguity in the story and ending.

I also finally got to see She's Dating the Gangster, starring KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo & Daniel Padilla to you oldies). The local movie industry has a strange way of using books for story material. To them, adaptation is synonymous to 'very loosely based', to 'somewhat inspired but not really', to even 'we just got the title to dupe the fans of the book into watching'. The result of this treatment is diverse: some were very good (Hihintayin Kita sa Langit for example, based on Bronte’s Wuthering Heights), some were very bad (Once a Princess which is based on Angel Bautista’s book with the same name), and some were just okay (e.g. ABNKKBSNPLAko?!, based on the Bob Ong book). Star Cinema’s ‘adaptation’ of She’s Dating the Gangster was entertaining, and was a teensy bit above being just okay. It had also helped that the original book material was very terrible (I was going to say unreadable, but then I remembered that a lot of people had bought and probably read it, making it a wtf-why-is-this-a-runaway-hit-are-they-nuts kind of thing).The liberties that Star Cinema had freely made with the material really helped. So yeah, the movie is better than the book.

Brushed up on some Tolkien. To me, the holiday season is the best time for reading Tolkien stories. I've decided on two books: The Hobbit and The Father Christmas Letters. I'm not much of a fan of Christmas, so reading stories from this master fantasy writer is my way of putting some magic into the season. More of this in my next post.

So that's it for now. How about you guys, how was your vacation? Has it been fun? Boring? Long? Short? Do tell me.



It's wonderful to see your blogs again. And lovely to spend the holidays reading and watching TV.

I saw the Criminal Minds episode you mentioned. Yep, you're right. It was pretty sloppy of the tech girl to use office network for multi-player gaming.

Yeah, it is pretty sloppy. If that happened in real life, not only would that tech be fired, she would also be sued for administrative negligence.

And thank you! It was a lovely vacation, and I hope to be able to write a blog post regularly. :-)

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