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This blog post is not about books. It mostly contain boring pictures of an empty house. You've been warned.

Last year, I moved out of the city and bought a house in the countryside.

To say that everyone was surprised is a big understatement. You see, I'm a city girl through and through. I know Metro Manila almost like the back of my hand. I never had a province to go to during the summer break. I know how to cross a street filled with vehicles by the time I was seven. By the time I was in elementary, I sometimes go to school without adult supervision via public transportation. And my school was in Tondo, Manila two and a half miles from my home in Valenzuela, near Bulacan.

So anyway, I had always dreamed of having a place of my own, at least someplace to stash all my stuff away. The story of how I got this new house can fill out two or three long blog post, and would probably bore you to tears (actually even *this* post is probably going to bore you tears). I'm just going to show what the place looked like when I first moved in.

The stairs and my uber-mini kitchen from the living room. And since the kitchen is small, I'm going to do my actual cooking in the dirty kitchen at the back of the house:

I have two toilets: one for myself and one for my cat. How cool is that? :)

The partial view of the living room from the top of the stairs.

Second floor: On the left is the room I'm using now as the main (i.e. my) bedroom. On the right is a small room that's supposed to be a guest room but I won't since it's embarrassingly tiny. I'm currently using it as a storage room. In between these two room is the stairs to the attic.

The attic. Which I've now filled with books in their nice new bookshelves. After I solve the problem of making this space less stifling hot during the afternoons, I intend to stay here for the rest of my spinsterish life. Yeah, maybe I'm serious. Or maybe I'm not. Who knows?

The exteriors. This is actually a duplex (if only I have enough funds to take over the other half!). Taken from the space that's supposed to be the garage. It will be filled with a brand new car, hopefully soon.

I dedicate this blog post to Blooey who said I should write something about my new home, sort of like a blog of the (mis)adventures of a "city girl moving to the countryside setting up a house of her own". Oh come on, I'm not anything like Max Skinner (the protagonist of Peter Mayle's A Good Year - I suggest reading the book to know the connection). And I think it's too early to say that the province of Rizal is going to be my personal Provence.

What do you guys think?



Wow, dedicated to me!

The post is lovely! I hope this is only the beginning -- I can't wait to see you filling room after room! :D

I want to read a guest blog post by Shadow!

where's the pimpin'? it' so bare. deserves a part deux.

Nice house.

Unless you grow grapes in the yard, then, yes you may be like that character from A Good Year. Though without the intention to sell.... yet. XD

Looking forward to the new pictures if ever you do plan to show off how the house looks like with furniture. :D

show naman with your new furniture.
and for making an attic less hot during afternoons, i would suggest lining the ceiling with those silver things and an exhaust fan at near the top. - joko

Congratulations on your home! It looks wonderful. Are you very far from the city now?

@sumthinblue: Why thank you. :)
The rooms are filled up right now - they're so filled up, the house is like a bodega. I don't know if Shadow can be convinced to write something though. I'll ask her later.

@czar: Part deux with the rooms filled up? Do you think that's a good idea? I'm such a lousy interior designer.

@dyoklako: I actually have this idea of planting vegetables and such. But my mom said, no, that empty space needs to be cleared and filled with cement. So that dashed my hopes of being a farmer. :P

@stepford mum: Thanks! Very far. And I live on the top of a mountain. Seriously. :)

@jokobunny: Silver linings and exhaust fan? I've thought about installing an exhaust fan din but I'm looking for an alternative that wouldn't make the attic look like a factory. Any ideas kaya?

Nice. Very clean slate. Congrats! Hope to invade soon. Hehe.

sure rise, whenever you're in town. :)

Exhaust fans are the best, well, you can always put it under a grate, damn i don't know how to explain it. i'll tell you how when I see yah!

@Joko: A grate? You mean a window? I can't see how. Sige, tell me when we meet na lang. :)

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