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Posted by Marie on Thursday, October 22, 2009 in , ,
.. of my new layout. I was annoyed at how much tinkering I need to do with images in the former one, not to mention that I'm forced to make it small enough to fit the narrow window. That means no travel blogs (all those photos!), posts look longer, and few cute kitten pics (heheheh). This new layout is slightly larger, not to mention way more dramatic. Nice no?



Lots of issues in this new template. Sigh.

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It looks great. Could you revamp my site?

I dunno if you want me to do that, Rise. I'm still having some problems with this one... my most current, realizing that my blog isn't easy for those with low-bandwidth connections. Tsk, tsk.

Love the new look!!!!

Thanks! Still ironing some stuff out. Will post when I'm satisfied. Heheheh.

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