poe and the black cat

Posted by Marie on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 in , ,
My cat, Shadow, hates Edgar Allan Poe. Of all the books lying around my apartment, it's the one she decided to punch holes into - much to my despair because I like the title of this particular anthology: "Selected Prose and Poetry of Poe" (nice alliteration, don't you think?).

She probably thought I'll get an idea or two of cat-torture from the book. Sheesh, if I were that cruel, I would've named her "Pluto". *rolling my eyes*

By the way, she does have this strange white patch on her chest... hmm, doesn't bode well for me, no? :P



Hahaha! At least it gives the book more character.

But to avoid future incidents like this, you need to get her a scratching post - there are sisal scratching posts at pet stores, or you can get a small block of scrap wood, or even a piece of corrugated cardboard so she won't get into your books.

Yup. It's weird but she likes playing with empty plastic bags. I'm not sure if that's good so I brought home an empty cardboard box. It's her scratching post and playbox. She's also loving to death that toy I bought from Baguio - that frog one that looks like Elvis, remember? :P

My 4 year year old son is still eating my books. When will he grow out of this? Eek.

Uh oh, that a different and more alarming matter, Dani. Better invest in bookshelves with doors, until your son is maybe about 6 years old or so. :)

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