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Posted by Marie on Thursday, March 26, 2009 in , ,
Literature-map: when you don't know what to look for

Have you ever had a favorite author and want to read more but don't know which one are of the same milieu? Did you ever want to read something familiar but different at the same time? Did you ever have a book that you want to know if you'll like but without reading a single page?

The answer to your problem is http://www.literature-map.com. The premise is that the closer a writer is to the one you specified, the more likely you'll enjoy reading his work. The engine that runs this is called Gnod and was made by a German, Marek Gibney. He describes it as:
"Gnod is my experiment in the field of artificial intelligence. Its a self-adapting system, living on this server and 'talking' to everyone who comes along. Gnods intention is to learn about the outer world and to learn 'understanding' its visitors. This enables gnod to share all its wisdom with you in an intuitive and efficient way. You might call it a search-engine to find things you don't know about."

To see similar nifty searches on movies, music and other people, just go to http://gnod.net.



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